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Hey, Are You OK?

you saw me fall but carried on not bothering to see if another, an other, needed you to care and simply ask me hey, are you ok? ** How many times have I seen someone in need, either physicall or … Continue reading

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sticks and stones and hurtful words

your words just words like a dagger its sharp point tearing the skin splintering bones its jagged edges piercing my heart as blood spills deep pain overwhelms and crushes my spirit sadness invades my soul and I feel its mournful … Continue reading

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the cave

I attempted to respond to a recent post on The Writing Corp blog (http://thewritingcorpofficial.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/writers-workshop-intro/) that asked readers to submit a 100-word essay on exploring a cave as a creative writing project. My writing resulted in recalling powerful childhood memories and … Continue reading

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The rose

Trying my hand at meeting NaPoWriMo Daily Prompt challenge for Day 10: an “Un-Love” Poem . . . a rose in bloom I softly caress you consumed by your perfume I watch your beauty unfolding slowly revealing yourself to me … Continue reading

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her story – chapter 1: dark night

I wanted to capture raw emotions that I could feel. The first stanza brought out some powerful emotions in me, but I’m not sure if it does the same for others. Initially, the story wasn’t supposed to matter, but now I’m left … Continue reading

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