The Gathering

a gown of green
well worn by time
lushness and beauty
the mist in her eyes
tells an ancient story
inviting me to listen
her voice beckons
tugs at the heart
she reaches out
and takes my hand
strong and welcoming
the way of her people
in the telling
joy and sorrow
solace and pain
victory and defeat
soft tears fall
as she cries for her children
who have returned
to embrace the story
gathered in her arms
we hear and understand
our story

** Maureen first introduced me to Ireland in the early 1990’s when we drove from Germany and visited the island with friends. It was love at first sight. We have returned many times since then, and we have never tired of her countless ancient sites, her people, her beauty, and, of course, her history. Although I am only Irish by marriage, Maureen’s love for the land of her family’s heritage has infected my soul with a deep respect and love for Ireland. So, I write this for Maureen in honor of her people and the heritage that has made her the strong and welcoming person that she is. **

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