the first summer storm

darkening clouds gather
song birds chatter in warning
a roaring in the distance
electric air awakes the senses
the smell of wet earth
a flash of lightning
I wait in anticipation
sizzle sizzle
crackle crackle crackle
I know it’s coming
but I still jump
cool breeze
rain drops on the window
a flood of childhood memories
the first summer storm

***random thoughts at the arrival of the first summer storm – I love the smell of wet earth as the storm approaches – after being in the Field Artillery for many years, loud sounds normally don’t bother me, but thunder never fails to make me jump – funny thing is, I was listening to the song “Stormy” on YouTube when I first heard the storm approaching – must have been the electric air that inspired me – now to sit back and enjoy the storm***

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5 Responses to the first summer storm

  1. loveandpoems says:

    very vivid imagery…nice job!

  2. idiotwriter says:

    I absolutely LOVE stormy weather…not grizzly drizzly..those powerful enigmatic kind that seep right through you 🙂 Lovely poem – I could just sense the energy.

    • billcastro says:

      I was lucky enough to experience some magnificent storms growing up in the southwest Arizona desert. With the constant roaring and booming in the background, the crackling and explosive booms of hundreds of lightning strikes all around literally made my hair stand on end. That’s what I was remembering. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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