My response to “Are you a pilot or a passenger?” by annikenbinz (11 May 2013)

Reading a recent post on Anniken Binz’s blog entitled “Are you a pilot or a passenger?” ( made me stop and wonder how I would answer that question. There have been plenty of times in my life when I have been a leader and a “pilot” – most of the time because everyone else around me expected me to play the role. I guess I play the role well. I’ve never been able to enjoy being a passenger for too long.

The thing is, I don’t always know why I end up as the leader. What do others see in me? Why am I in charge? Why do I have to drive? Who says I have to lead? And God knows, I don’t have all of the answers and don’t always know my way. But I am out in front, moving forward, wondering if there is anyone following behind, and feeling alone. Leadership can be a lonely place, and I don’t do lonely well.

So, am I a pilot or a passenger? Actually, I am both. That’s what keeps me sane. Once I know I will have to lead in a situation, my first instinct is to search for and find my co-pilot(s). That has been my secret – I rarely fly solo. I find other leaders to help me lead. I am still responsible for the outcome, but I am not alone in my journey. I can take my hands off of the wheel and enjoy the ride.

Am I a pilot
or a passenger?

Do I lead
or do I follow
Do I look to others
or do others look to me
take the wheel
let me drive
follow me
lead the way

who leads the leader
who follows the follower
why can’t I be both
at the same time
can I just once
be neither

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