Point of View

** I grew up in a world full of Mexican slang that was part of every conversation. Spanglish was my first language, and it was fun to use. My younger siblings never really learned the language. To them, it became a collection of words with funny sounds. For me, the colorful language is an important part of my story, and still fun to use. ¡Órale! **

aguacate cacahuate tata
la lechuga el zacate nana
doesn’t matter what I’m really saying
but only that I’m saying it to you
if by chance attention you are paying
then you will understand this point of view

boca chueca cara fea bato
leche seca agua fría ruco
words alone can never tell my story
but try to listen to the words I pen
if that’s hard well you don’t have to worry
I’ll use more words and then I’ll try again

quihúbole ése
se me chispoteó
estoy nomás turisteando
ni picha ni cacha ni deja batear
estas palabras me van a madrear


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