So it goes…

I actually wrote quite a bit yesterday, but at the end of my day I had nothing to post. I had plenty of words, but no complete thoughts. My brain was full of disconnected one liners and incomplete phrases. I have a tendency to pause when I talk as I search of the correct word to say (which drives people nuts sometimes), and my my mind was doing the same. The problem was, my fingers couldn’t find the write (sic) words. So, it goes.

scatter brain
you talk a lot
but never
there you go
another thought
keep it straight
think of love
write about food
there’s a thought
about how I feel
keep it real
scatter brain

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2 Responses to So it goes…

  1. lindaricke says:

    I do the same thing: leaving gaps in my speech while thinking. My husband has told me that he can’t always tell when I’m done with a thought.
    Yesterday it didn’t click. Another day it will flow. Keep it up. Writing is still writing even if no one else reads it.

    • billcastro says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! Thank you. It’s hard to commit real time to writing, so I try to jot down my thoughts when I can. They don’t always connect with each other. I feel a real need to write more. Thanks again for stopping by.

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